The original design was worked out by member Geoff Lumley and Ray Barton had it made up. The Phoenix badge was printed onto the back of perspex and was nicknamed 'The Strangled Chicken'.

The club lost the word "Touring" from its name within the first couple of years. Did you know the club had a motto? Now you do.

A new design was worked out by members Derek Foster, John Muschialli, Ron Tunks and Warwick Pople.

The machine badge was produced by Renamel who put the finishing touches to the design and the result is the finest motorcycle badge in the world.

John Muschialli's original cloth badge from the 1960s. Light blue felt as the base.

This is the slightly smaller version from the 1970s. The edge stitching was black but this one has faded.

This economical, self adhesive badge from the late 1970s was printed onto fabric.

Over the years the badge has adorned a number of items including a live rhinocerous's horn and our 21st birthday cake way back in 1982.

In the late 70s Nigel Staley cast a set of brass belt buckles. They are built to outlast the human race! How many of you still have one? John Sim has. The one shown is Ben's with faux white enamel picking out the club name.

This is the buckle adapted as a machine badge by John Parbery who gave it the club's corporate colours.


The left and right badges were made by a guy with a stall on Hinckley market. They are printed and stuck in a metal pin backing. The right one with red flames is less common. There were also a few with silver lines and letters instead of gold.

Centre badge celebrates the club's 60th anniversay, 2021.

The family silver

Rarely removed from the bank vault, here are some of the awards the past members won for the club. On the left the Daily Mail Concours d'Elegance from the 1963 Blackpool Motorcycle Show. Engraved 'Leicester Phoenix Touring MCC'. On the right the trophy for the best local club stand at the 1979 BMF show. We are still searching for the Best Local Club Stand trophy from the 1960s shown in Chris Mansell and Clive Hodgkin's Woburn photos.

Download the Phoenix badge as a scalable Windows Metafile (.wmf) for high quality printing in Word, PowerPoint and other Windows applications.

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