First Course Progress

Right from the very beginning every training course was followed by a full intructors meeting to review the success and problems of the concluded course and to plan changes for the next intake. We also held an instructors meeting half way through the first course to ensure we were on track.

We produced our own minutes for these meetings, starting with the mid-course progress meeting reproduced here.



Meeting opened 8 O'clock at D Smiths.


Dave SmithPete Vines
Steve BrownBrian Porter
Steve WhiteRichard Taylor
Terry ReynoldsPhil Freestone
Wally BradshawLes Freestone
John IrelandBen Crossley


Bob Nash

Present Course

Mechanics Lectures

Dave Smith reported that five of the six basic lectures have been presented. There would be a further three lectures including two general and revision lectures. Steve Brown to give the final revision lecture on 8th June. It was thought that cycle parts was most important as representing safety requirements.

Suggested that next course should be divided into two groups representing those needing basic instruction and those requiring more advanced information.

Highway Code

Steve Brown reported that satisfactory progress was being made on highway code theory but the lessons were not always being put into practice.


There still remained to be practiced the figure of eight and slow riding. Cones to be set out early to allow practice immediately on arrival.


It was thought preferable to get pupils onto the road as soon as possible. The pupil should not delay getting road experience under instruction because of undue nervousness. The two hour road instruction given on 4th May seemed to have exceeded the saturation point of the pupils ability to absorb instruction. Therefore the pupils will continue to be instructed partly in classroom, partly on road each right.

Wal Bradshaw to prepare map of route and to go through junctions on blackboard giving classroom instruction on correct signals, road positioning etc.

Bike Conditions

It was agreed that dangerous machines should not be allowed out, the instructors to satisfy themselves that pupils are adequately maintaining their machines. Bad adjustments should be noted on the pupils cards.


Good use is being made of these cards especially the notes on the back but notes and marks must be signed and dated.

Weeks absence should be noted (by chief instructor) on the cards.

A less haphazard method of alloting instructors is required.

Road Safety Officer

Maurice Belben to be invited to attend on a Tuesday before the end of the course to give us his judgment on progress.

Next Course

Start 20th July. Twenty pupils required.


Chief Instructor Wally Bradshaw, Pete Vines wishing to take part as an instructor.

Highway Code Instructor. Dave Smith will include this duty to allow Steve Brown to take part as instructor.

Places on an Instructors Training course are required to consolidate and unify the instruction methods,

It is understood that Bob Nash wishes to resign as he feels unable to give adequate instruction. The basis of his difficulty should be investigated for our methods to be corrected if necessary.

Present instructors to ensure good conduct during instructions. Non involved spectators to be discouraged, but anyone wishing to become an instructor will be welcome. An announcement to this effect to be made at the club.


To be split as at present. Instructors will be allocated to pupils for a three/four week period to allow a working relationship to be built up while still allowing some variation of techniques and style. Asst. Chief Instructor, Brian Porter to take each pupil in turn around course to check progress of pupil and instructor.


Further Requirements

30 Copies "Good Riding"
30 Copies "Castrol Maintenance Books"
20 Reflective Jackets.
2 Bikes (1 moped - 1 bike)

Road safety officer to be contacted for the above.

Tea or coffee facilities will be provided for pupils and instructors.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10 O'clock.

Minutes - B.Crossley 7th May 1976.

Wally Bradshaw took over as Chief Instructor and rapidly introduced a consistant standard of riding instruction based on The System and for the first time many of us learned the word "Lifesaver".