Pioneer Run

23rd March 1997 - Sunbeam MCC

I didn't get up at the crack of dawn for this year's run, nor did I attempt to follow the early starters away from the start at Epsom Racecourse. I got up at a reasonable hours and rode straight down to the finish line on Brighton Seafront. Consequently, there were a LOT of other bikes already parked up when I got there, meaning a fair wander down to the old bikes, passing a lot of new machines on the way.

The first one I took a picture of was a brand new BMW Scorpion three-wheeler.

There were still machines arriving, especially a bicycle with a motor strapped to the back wheel, but I think that was a more modern version of one of the very early machines.

I did like one that had a drive wheel at the back end, next to the rear wheel, as it was bedecked with leather bags and pockets. A real tourer!

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill