Easter Egg Run

6th April 1990 - Ealing MAG

Back when MAG still did things, one old favourite was the Easter Egg run. Pretty much the same as most egg runs I had done, but with one difference. The difference being that after the run, ferrying eggs to children who would be in hospital over Easter, there would be camping behind the pub used by my club, the ABC, as their centre of operations.

The van that had been acquired to transport the bulk of the eggs, in case the luggage carrying capacity of your bike couldn't handle chocolate, was yellow, as opposed to white, and a few people set about decorating it with the MAG exhaust-pipe logo. (With permanent marker pens.)

The meeting point was in front of Ealing Town Hall, which is directly on the main drag through the borough, which caused a little annoyance for the mass of people trying to get through. I must admit to being surprised at the number of scooters there, but there was certainly a lot of big bikes with a hint of modifications about them, and a few old brits sprinkled throughout.

The run set off and we visited the hospital, (or there may have been two), to drop off the eggs, even though there was no evidence that they would be welcome. Puker, from the Twits MCC instead of eggs, brought along toiletries for the more mature patients, as he thought they shouldn't be totally ignored.

After the last of the eggs was unloaded, the convoy of bikes headed to the Crooked Billet, (while the scooters went somewhere else), for an afternoon shandy, and a party atmosphere developed amongst those who were going to stay the night.

We made use of the barbecue in the pub's garden, and generally larked about. As with most biker camping weekends there was a bonfire, and at the Billet that usually included a pile of old furniture.

In the morning, the weather was fine, which made packing up the tents easier, the start-the-Triumph game didn't take too long, and very soon everybody had buggered off.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill