Zijspan Treffen

Organized by Zeeuse (Zeeland) Motor Tour Club Electron

I visited this rally in 1984 on my way to the Eight Castles rally if I remember correctly. The site was just down the road from the Vlissingen ferry and within sight of the Borssele Nuclear Power plant. This was a very small rally probably no more than 20 or 30 outfits.

I arrived on a solo bike and was almost turned away as this was supposed to be strictly sidecars only, but with a bit of groveling and the excuse that it cost so much more to bring my outfit over, I was allowed in.

Everybody I spoke to seemed surprised that I would want to be at a sidecar event, as there was no band or Disco! However as is usual in Holland everybody was friendly and they all wanted to demonstrate how good their English was!

ZMTC Electron still exists.

- Ted Trett


ZMTC Electron also organised the Tzeekraeltreffen as reported by Les Hobbs.