Yorkshire Brew Rally

Having recovered from the 900 mile trip around Scotland, it was time to attend the second Yorkshire Brew Rally on the East Coast. We'd attended the first one last year and it was superb. The second one was no different.


- Steve

George Perrin travelled to my house from Llandudno and we left Saddleworth around Friday lunchtime. An uneventful run over to the East Coast saw us arrive mid afternoon (ish).

Tents pitched, we hooked up with Brian Weekes and wife Phyl and hit the excellent pub. Wonderful conversation and copious amounts of booze! Later we retired back to George's tent for a late night snack and a couple of snorts of Vodka / Bacardi.

Brian and Phyl Weekes, Steve Giddens and Dave Wood.

Next day and following the excellent ham and egg sandwich at control, we went into Scarborough and started with fish and chips. We had a wander along the seafront, took some photos and bought some souvenirs.

Steve Giddens, Brian and Phyl Weekes in Scarborough.

On the way back to the site we bought the chicken for the curry later on Saturday night. We got back to the site and went for a beer. That was it for the night and once again it was back for a late night nosebag and a couple of snorts. Another excellent evening.

George Perrin, Phyl and Brian Weekes - fish and chips.

On the Sunday Brian and Phyl were on the ball as they had a fair old journey ahead.

George and I went back into Scarborough and enjoyed fish and chips again and following this it was a straight forward run home.

Another superb Yorkshire Brew Rally.

- Steve Giddens