WotNot! Rally
(NOT the 7th WOT? Rally)

8th September 1989 - Border Line MCC

Apparently there had been a spot of bother at the end of the 6th WOT? Rally at the Lithuanian Country Club in Bordon, Hampshire. This led to the rally series being suspended. The club convinced the site owners to allow them one more party, to thank the friends of the club, before dropping it altogether. The WotNot was the result, held over three years later, and tickets strictly by invitation only. I also noticed there was a radio link from the site food-hut to the bar, and an increased number of club personnel at the entrance of the camping area.

With the strict limit on this year's event, there were obviously fewer people in attendance on Friday night, but we still had a good time, and there were fewer spillages. There were not many people using the tables outside either, but that was more due to the fact that the rally was later in the year than it used to be.

The colder than previous weather also affected the games on Saturday, with most participants remaining fully jacketed, rather than in shirts. This reluctance to wear less clothing also spread to the wet Y-fronts and wet T-shirt contests, which were still held outside, to prevent too much wetness in the hall. Although there were still a few lads prepared to get buckets of water poured over their privates, only one girl was prepared to face the water.

The rest of the afternoon, naturally, was spent waiting for the bar to open. When it did, the party proceeded once more. The reduced number meant there were enough seats to go round, yet still enough people to sustain the party atmosphere, but not to the level it used to be.

The solitary Dry T-shirt contestant only went as far as her underwear, since there was no competition. A shame, as she seemed to have great possibilities!

At the end of the evening we all made our way back to the woods and enjoyed the bonfire - more useful now than at the previous events - for a bit of a chat and music.

I think pretty much all the people there would have continued to attend the WOT Rally if it had carried on, but it didn't. A pity, as it was an enjoyable and unique set-up.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley