WOT? Rally

5th Borderline MCC - 8th June 1985

Back to the wonderful wooded campsite at the Lithuanian Country Club near Bordon in Hampshire.

The friends that helped ferry Adolf back from Dorset, after the unfortunate leg-incident, arrived in a three-wheeler the guy had built from scratch.

The weather was, once again, glorious all weekend, fine for larking about in the wood. The hall, which replaces a marquee at this rally, was hardly needed, except when buying liquids, and most of us sat around the exterior quite happily.

On Saturday the games were, once again, well contested, baseball/rounders and tug-of-war taking place on the huge lawn in front of the hall, with the wet t-shirt/y-fronts and pillow fight back in the woods.

It was at this time I realised I was running out of film, so pictures from that point are severely limited, taking in only a couple of points of interest, such as the no-t-shirt contest, in the hall that night, and somebody being thrown in the club's rather murky swimming pool which this year was not being used for midnight skinny-dipping, being judged too dirty for such things.

The party itself was another very enjoyable, partly outdoor affair. After closedown there was, once again, a totally unnecessary bonfire back in the woods, where we sat and chatted for a while until crawling back to our tents in the trees.

The fine weather did not let us down on the Sunday affording us a very pleasant ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley