WOT? Rally

2nd - Borderline MCC - 9th July 1982


- Phil the Spill

After the less-than-ideal set-up they had in 1981, there can surely never have been such an improvement as this. Instead of a marquee, they had the dining hall of a large country club with more tables and chairs outside (well, it was summer) and a huge expanse of grassland, a lake and even a swimming pool, (only that hadn't been cleaned for a while). The bar was a proper bar, selling proper drinks at proper prices and there was a disco in the hall for the evenings.

The approach did not give a clue as to the grandeur of the location, as we were camping in the woods in what appeared to be a some-time Boy Scout camping area. The organisers had a makeshift hut that supplied our food needs and there was a clearing for the usual silly games.

To prevent water damage to the hall, the wet clothing contests were also held here in the middle of the afternoon, which at least removed the excuse of "it's too cold".

The path between the camping and the bar was a little tricky, having a steep bit and a road to negotiate, but hardly anyone used the road and there were no reports of any incident. There was a large dip close by the food hut where there was a huge bonfire on the Saturday night.

Woodland, grassland and a country club, how could anyone not enjoy a rally with this level of sophistication? Certainly one of the friendliest rallies I've ever been to.

I checked the location on the computer recently. The Club & grounds are still there, only now it is a hotel.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley