Motor touring club MTC Pluto was founded in 1975 and has always been a small club with about 40 members from all parts of the Netherlands.

The first ten rallies were held at a campsite in Haelen near Roermond in the south of the country.


- Hans

The next 20 years used a local scouting campsite at Aalten in the east of the Netherlands, near the German border. The scouts needed a new club building, so we had to move for a couple of years.

We found another place near Mill, about 20 kilometres south of Nijmegen and again near the German border. We liked the place so much that we decide to stay there.

Most of the visitors to our Wintertreffen come from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and we haven't seen any English people on our rally ... so far as I know.

The rally is always the third weekend of January and in 2012 we hope to organize it for the 35th time.

- Hans Veenendaal