Walpurgis Rally

24th April 1992 - Sorcerers MCC

The 7th Walpurgis Rally was the only one not held at Moat Mount Open Space in Barnet was held in a Social Club, not too far away, which may or may not have been the usual meeting place of the Bell MCC. Presumably the usual site was being used by another group.

The indoor nature of the rally changed the whole feel of the event, and not for the better. The club was situated in the middle of a housing estate, so outside merry-making was kept to a minimum. The Organisers still had their own catering tent, which I assume was a welcome source of income, as I don't think they were running the bar this time. (One thing - the loos were much better that the other site.)

The fact that there was sufficient seating for us all, (numbers strictly limited for insurance reasons), meant that clubs would grab some seats and stay put for the whole evening, with possible excursions for beer, loos and dancing. So there was no mixing, or wandering about chatting to people. I got the feeling that the site-owners were exerting some control over the event and ensuring licensing hours were enforced.

The games on Saturday were held on unusually flat and firm ground, so only half the expected number of amusing accidents occurred. The weather was fine, as was usual for this time of year but, as we were inside most of the time, this didn't matter to us.

In the evening the usual eating & drinking events took place in front of the disco, which replaced the bands that would normally have performed.

Apologies for any gaps - YouTube's copyright bots have attacked it.

For the rest of the night, the same pattern emerged, with clubs sited in the same places in the room, and only limited mixing happening.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley