Walpurgis Rally

21st April 1989 - Sorcerers MCC

Another fine weekend and the Moat Mount Open Space in Barnet, N London was the venue for the not-at-all-spooky goings-on of the Walpurgis Rally. Friday may have been a little overcast, but there was no danger of rain. I made my way there after work, as it was so close to me, as it was for my fellow club-members and other equally-local friends.

Friday night progressed peacefully, with only a few people collapsing, probably due entirely to working hard all week, obviously.

After a quiet start on Saturday, with most people happy to just eat breakfast, or even read the daily papers, the games started up after lunchtime, when people drifted back from whatever local pub had let them in. The Bungee-pull was fun, even I had a go but it was only when the lads of the Iceni MCC were encouraged by one of their female members stripping off to encourage them that it got serious. I never get nearly-naked women encouraging me in games.

The Broom throwing, since it was discovered that a javelin-style throw was the best, had people starting their run-ups in the marquee. All the old 'Broomstick' games now used just branches, the 'broom' elements having been dispensed with, such as the Broomstick race, which I failed to catch on camera this year.

In fact, it seems I didn't bother with the camera for a few hours, until the Miss Rally wet/no T-shirt contest started. Surprisingly, nobody got naked this year. It seems that it was quite a warm night, as some of the contestants didn't bother putting their shirts back on afterwards.

Charlie Cobbe, as usual, made short work of the eating contest, and some rally virgins got well covered in gunge. The drinking and music went on into the small hours as was always the way.

After another enjoyable rally, the weather for the ride home was pleasant as well.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley