Walpurgis Rally

22nd April 1988 - Sorcerers MCC

This week it was the local rally to me, in Barnet. The weather was pleasant, and it took hardly any time to get there. Being so local, it wasn't necessary to take a day off, so it wasn't until late afternoon that Becky and I rolled up and spent an hour or so relaxing.

The evening games were equally messy and fun to watch, and there were some activities that were not games, but still fun, such as the human pyramid, around a pole, to get to the top of the marquee the easy way.

There was an uneasy moment, (for me), when Becky met the girl from last year, but it passed without a problem. (I can't remember if I introduced her as such - probably not.)

Being so warm, hardly anybody used the fire shelters for their intended purpose.

On Saturday morning the Harlow 70sMCC were trying their parascending activities again, still without any success whatsoever. Then we all went to the nearest pub for lunchtime. The track was through the wood at the top of the field and eventually out onto the main A1, where the pub was located at the Stirling Corner roundabout.

Climbing back through the wood after the session was not easy, but Becky took the easy option and hitched a lift on the back of Ken Wall's trike, which he preferred to walking/hiking.

The Broomstick race took its usual toll of partakers and the broomstick throwing was a bit hap-hazard, I think they should have used a shorter stick.

Later on the band, 'Haymaker', were quite jolly from what I can remember and the evening games seemed to be just a repeat of the Friday ones, but this time Charlie Cobbe was there, so they didn't take as long.

Becky entered the Miss Rally again, but left when the knickers came off. One of the girls was from the biggest club there, the charmingly named Bullshit MC, so her victory was assured.

After this the evening progressed much as one would expect, with music and beer in pretty much equal measure.

When the Bullshit MC left on Sunday, they all left at the same time, which, I have to admit, looked impressive. It was a lovely spring morning for a drive home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley