Wafty Crankers Rally

A pub site near Droitwich
June 1981

Cannot remember anything remarkable happening at the rally.

With me were Trotsky, Nicola, Woodsey, Cal and Wolfey.

- Dave Ranger


- Phil the Spill

In common with other contributors, I cannot remember much about this rally. (Luckily I have the photographic evidence.) I can only assume this is because nothing untoward happened. I cannot even remember if there was a marquee, or just the pub supplying the beer. There was a burger van, though. I am sure of that. There was a supply of wood for bonfires, which was plundered by most clubs in attendance.

On the Saturday, we went into town, mostly just for a look-see, partly for supplies and one of out number needed a puncture repair for a problem that occurred on the way up. Holding onto the wheel on the pillion, while the pilot of the bike tried to attain take-off velocity over a hump-back bridge was quite amusing to watch, although, apparently, not so much fun to participate.

Back at site the games were attempted, assisted by a small dog, (maybe the pub's?), who refused to let go of the tug-of-war rope, even when dangling in mid-air. The same dog was also chasing bikes around the field most of the weekend, although he lost interest if he discovered it wasn't a two stroke.

Later on, one of our members, (why is it always the ones of Welsh descent?), decided to stand on the bonfire until a) his boots started to melt and b) his trousers caught fire. Having extinguished his nether regions, we put him in a box, (part of the firewood supplied), to stop him damaging himself. He stayed quite happily in it, until it was also put on the fire. (We did let him out before any further singeing occurred.)

Another member decided on a motorised streak around the field, which sounded so good to one of our girls that she decided to join him, (although only topless).

The rest of the night was the usual banter around the fire, mooning, drinking and crashing out.

We had to apologise to one of our (less popular) members about an unfortunate incident. An old toilet bowl was discovered at the side of the field and his helmet and gloves were placed in it, as you do. Then one of our ex-members, Crazy Keef, whose club was also there, spotted this and made use of the facilities, (No. 1s only). We managed to get the helmet mostly dry, but when we tried to dry the gloves out as well, we found they were not leather as they appeared, but plastic, which started to melt over the fire. I think we all contributed to a new pair.

The ride home, (some cold hands excepted), was as reasonably pleasant as the rest of the weekend had been.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation This one was held over the weekend of June 26th - 28th 1981 at the Vernon Arms on the B4090 Droitwich to Alcester Road, Hanbury.

Can't remember too much about this one but I can remember I would have been riding a Yellow Suzuki DR400. End of quotation

- Mel Burden