39th Vlearmoestreffen 2013 - Needse MC

This year I found an invitation to the 39th Vlermoes Meeting on the Mayflower MCC homepage. Jürgen Krechel (BMW K100) and I, Hans Mondorf (BMW K100RS), drove together towards Holland again this year. Again in wet and cold weather.

Getting there wasn't fun. Arriving at the farm near Neede, we registered with the organizers and then intended to go to the camping field to set up the tents. But since it had rained from morning until long after we arrived, we asked if there was still a room available. This was not the case, but there were still free bunk beds in two different rooms. Jürgen and I were glad not to have to set our tents up in this rain.

After changing our clothes we went into the event barn and the happy evening began.

All acquaintances from previous years were there again. Also a young lady from the Czech Republic. She drove through the rain all day wearing a leather suit. Upon arrival, she hung her clothes to dry in the room and disappeared into the bathroom for a long time under the hot shower. But then she was in a good party mood all evening.

As usual, the party ended late at night (or early in the morning) for us.

I had imagined that sleeping on the top bunk bed would be easy. But the beer that you have drunk needs to be disposed of again at night, so it was annoying that every time I had to climb down and back up. There were also three bunk beds in the room, each occupied by two people, making six motorcyclists plus their wet riding suits and other wet luggage. The only window was one in the sloping roof, which we couldn't open because of the heavy rain. You can imagine the haze in that room.

The next morning, after breakfast together, we said goodbye and looked forward to next year.

At the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014 we received the following sad news:

We regret to inform you that our Vlearmæstreffen gathering commission stopped their activities at the end of 2013. This decision is made in good harmony with the members and Board of the Needse Motor Club.

Lots of motorcyclist from worldwide enjoyed our Vlearmoestreffen from the first gathering in 1975 to the last one in 2013. All those years our committee members organized the Vlearmoestreffen with dedicated passion and enthusiasm. The last years the numbers of participants went gradually down, so did the number of our volunteer commission members and their enthusiasm.

At the end of 2013 efforts to renew the commission are made, unfortunately without success. Therefore the 2013 Vlearmoestreffen was our last organized gathering; there is no gathering in 2014 and following years.

We thank all participants for their participation and making the conviviality that is characteristic for our Vlearmoestreffen.

- Hans Mondorf