In 2000 I attended this rally on my Kawasaki ER‑5. I rode from Stoke‑on‑Trent with Del (Mick) Cooper (Mayflower MCC), him on an old R75 BMW. It was a last minute affair for me and I had no idea where we were going apart from somewhere in Holland.

We met some of his Mayflower mates on the ferry to the Hook. The ride to Neede near the German border was quick to say the least. Rally was well attended and the Saturday ride out was fab.

Attended again in 2001, but those were the only two that I attended. I remember riding home from Harwich in 2001 in some heavy rain, but pushing on so we could make last orders in our local.

Brilliant times.

- Ian Shaw

34th Vlearmoestreffen 2008

I had noticed a rally on the Mayflower MCC October schedule 2008 in Neede / Holland, the Vlermoestrefffen. I had already heard about this meeting from my motorcycle friend Willi Schwering from Horstmar / Münsterland during a Pilgrims Rally. Quickly searched Google Maps to find where the meeting in Holland was. About 180 Km from my home.

At our next regulars' table, I asked our motorcycle friends who would like to go there. My motorcycle friend Jürgen Krechel accepted. We arranged to meet on Saturday afternoon, 11 October 2008 at 2pm so everyone at home could spend the morning working in the house and garden. Jürgen with his BMW K100 and I with my BMW K100RS.

The stretch on the Motorway was quickly behind us. The meeting took place in the small town of Noordijk on a farm with a campsite.

Quickly set up the tents and then into the beautiful old event barn. If you looked up inside, you could see the thatched roof. There we were supplied with plenty of Grolsch beer. Outside, the Neede MC had fired up a big grill. Everyone could grill their own meat they had brought with them.

Music from the CD played in the barn all evening. A colorful mix of rock 'n roll, pop and rock music. A great mood. Some Mayflower members we knew, motorcyclists from Scotland, Belgium and Germany were represented. A really colorful mix of participants.

At breakfast the next morning, Jürgen and I knew that we would be coming here again in the years to come.

- Hans Mondorf