Unlucky For Some Rally

18th November 1983 - Lez Lumps

Something happened back in 1970, and here we were, at the More Arms, (again), to celebrate Lumpsie's, (and Suzee's, of course), 13th Wedding Anniversary.

We didn't get a badge as such, but everybody got a little wooden 'award'.

As is usual at one of Les's events, the games started fairly early on Friday evening. Just a few, such as eating crisps off a partner's body, (or, to be exact, somebody else's partner), and a wet t-shirt where the shirt was NOT to be removed.

Of course, beer, music and merriment were much in evidence.

Saturday was a bit damper, but more people turned up and the silly games ensued. There was a dizzy-stick race, of course, but also a three-up wheelbarrow race, amongst others.

Somebody had a birthday, so he was ritually embarrassed, as is the custom.

Afterwards, before the bar opened again, people made use of the burger van. Some more adventurous rallyists cooked their own food, with varying levels of success. Some were obviously expert and bought sufficient supplies for a very tasty-looking meal for four.

Later, in the hall, more games interspersed the music, and were well received. As it was their anniversary, Lez & Susie had a proper candle-lit meal, accompanied by special guests, (including one Dave Richmond), while everybody else partied around them.

Disgusting things were eaten, naked bottoms were shown, songs were sung and women who wanted to take their shirts of without getting them wet were allowed to do so. And the party went on.

Lez was also using this event as a springboard to start off his new publication, Rally Review, having tired of the magazine he used to work for, and wanted to take a more 'hands-on' role.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley