UFO (Belgium) Rally

It's 1979. My first Continental rally and we were two up on my Honda 400 four. It was tight squeeze but I think we were a lot thinner then. Anything to save money for a beer/ ferry crossing.

Ashley in red jacket, green cap.

As it was our first continental rally (ie considered a rally virgin!) we had to drink a special pint of whatever anyone would donate, topped off with a plentiful portion of tabasco sauce (Colin Baxter!) Ashley (red jacket/green cap) duly puked it all up but my guts could handle it.

Pictures of the campsite.

During Saturday we invaded Brugge and not a drop of chocolate was purchased, maybe a few beers!

The Saturday blur.

Saturday evening was a blur there was some discussion as to whether the steaks where horse or cow!

Dover 69 won the best club turn out, not really surprising as it was only a few miles from Zeebrugge Harbour and there used to be a ferry running out of Dover to Zeebrugge. Problem was it was 4 hour trip with duty free beer ....Oh dear!!

- Stephen North