Twerps Rally

18th March 1983 - Cretins MCC


- Phil

I have been to a few rallies that were lucky enough to get the use of an off-season camping facility. Unusually, this one was held in a proper, used-year-round campsite, the Abbey Wood Caravan Club site. The camping was restricted to a small, grassed area at the side of the site with no space for a marquee, so the entertainment venue was a pub's facility room in town. This was only hired for the Saturday, so on the Friday we just used several of the other nearby pubs.

Due to the limited space, there were no games on the Saturday, so we were left to our own devices. I just spent the afternoon riding around the area exploring. Eventually some more of my club turned up and we went to a local establishment they knew, for lunch.

In the evening, we all made our way to the room for the party. It's funny how certain things stick in your mind, for example I remember the name of the first band was 'Black Jack Shellack' (possibly) and that one person was angry about the lead singer's shaven head and kept shouting about how real biker's bands should have long hair. This guy seemed to be in the minority and everybody else had a good time.

There was a break, when they had a couple of indoor games, (eating/drinking etc), and the music continued until chucking-out time.

We wandered back to the site, being quiet so as not to annoy the local residents and other campsite users, (well, nearly), and crashed out.

It was pleasant weather on the Sunday, which combined with an uneventful ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley