Tamar Rally

27th April 1984 - Tamar MCC

We had our passports ready for crossing the Tamar from Devon into Cornwall, but it appears we were misled, as they weren't asked for.

The directions were adequate so it wasn't long before we found the village of Stoke Climsland and the field we were in. I assume it was a sporting venue, as there was a pavilion-type building on one side, and the land was unusually flat, (but not soft - one guys peg mallet decided it didn't want to play, and fell apart).

Some while after the main Telstar BC party arrived, the other two members turned up on the somewhat slower Jawa combo. We had made good time there but, due to the distance, it had taken a while, so we just spent the rest of the day settling in, before joining everybody else in the marquee doing what people usually did in these circumstances.

When we eventually arose the next day, there wasn't much to keep us in the site, so we went for a brief run around the area, before settling in a reasonable cafe for lunch. After that, it was a quick run back to the site for the games, followed by drinks, as soon as the licensing laws, (remember them?), permitted.

In the evening, which was quite enjoyable, several young ladies, decided it was too hot to remain fully clothed, (nobody bothered getting wet first), as did some men. Strangely, some didn't seem to be so keen and had to be helped out of their trousers, which were made wet first, (hopefully by beer or water). And the night went on.

Sunday morning, and one of our guys won Best Bike for his always-immaculate Suzuki GS1000, which was nice. The weather all weekend had been reasonably, (for April), warm and sunny, and this continued all the way home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley