Taff Riders Rally

Outside Cowbridge
(I think, I have slept since then)

I went on my new HONDA 900f with my wife Janet on the pillion.

The only thing I remember about it was that in the beer tent, after quite a lot of beer, two young lads took exception to the hat I was wearing. They said it looked like the sort of thing a skinhead would wear (my hair WAS short then) so I couldn't possibly be a biker and should leave. They changed their minds when I held open my Belstaff to show my waistcoat with the amount of rally badges on it. So it was "sorry mate" and sheepishly walk away.

The Black Russians waistcoat

The Black Russian's rally waistcoat - couldn't possibly be a biker...

- The Black Russian

Start of quotation I can't believe I found this page. I was there!

I didn't even have a bike. I turned up with two mates in a black Ford Capri mk11 with a wing missing. We did donuts in the field where the bikes came in.

Engine played that night - fond memories. End of quotation

- Steve Martin