Steel Horse Rally

Over the last few years, I have endeavoured to report the various Steel Horse meetings. These reports are supported by archival information, eye witness reports and contemporary photos of the time from 1968 through to the beginning of the 1980s.

Certain years are rich in detail. Abundant information and photos in my archives make it possible to write them up more extensively and to illustrate them with large numbers of images. On the other hand, some years are sparse, and unfortunately, I have precious little material to write the sort of detailed article I'd prefer.

The magnificent embroidered banner of the 1968 event designed from the artistic creation of the organiser Jean Blanckaert.

One such year where information is lacking is 1968. As much as I have excellent photos of this first Steel Horse meet, I have very little detailed information, (apart from the fact that they were around 450 attendees). Until now, this lack of information has forced me to put aside the 1968 meeting in favour of reports of subsequent meetings.

Since my editorial work on the Steel Horse meetings is nearing its end, it's time for me to rectify this omission and add 1968's events, so completing the series about this legendary autumnal Belgian rally.

I'll let the photos below speak for themselves and lead you into the atmosphere of this very first Steel Horse in 1968.

- Jean-Francois Helias