Spitting Feathers Rally

31st May 1991 - Parrot RC

And it was off to the barn site at West Hardwicke, Yorks again. This time I had my own invite, but associated with the 7smcc again, as they were the people I knew best.

As is customary, Friday night was a gentle affair, just like any pub night, but perhaps with a little more beer than usual.

Saturday was a slow start so the 7s, with me in tow, sloped off-site to a pub for our lunch-time refreshment, but we headed back to the site for the silly games.

The child's climbing frame was being used for the humiliation of rally virgins, as I suspected it might be, when I saw it last year.

One club had apparently sent one of their number to the local chippie for a vast order, as they were lying about eating fish and chips, making the field look untidy in the warm, but overcast weather, interspersed, as it was, with blasts of sunshine. On conclusion of the games, this seemed a good idea, so most of us were doing likewise for the few hours left before the evening session started.

Sam Plank's Disco was providing the sounds for the party, and the DJ also provided extra lights for the wet t-shirt contest, not strictly necessary for my camera as the flash was quite adequate, but the arena was not well lit for the rest of us. Part of the way through the contest, it became clear that somebody had raided whichever stable room was being used for the pool table, as evidence of cue chalk appeared on some of the girls taking part, or in the vicinity.

As the evening wore on, some people just curled up in a corner for a quick nap, but many more needed to lean on each other for support, as they staggered back to their tents.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley