Spitting Feathers Rally

1st June 1990 - Parrot RC

I believe the venue, at West Hardwicke, Yorks, was a multi-rally site, or at least a multi-event location, having an arena-type building, laid out like a sort of covered stable yard, with plenty of grassland for tents outside. I went up with my friends from the 7sMCC, who were close friends with the Parrot RC, so it was easy to get invited through them. They had obviously been here before, as it didn't take all that long to get there from Hayes in Middlesex. We probably made better time than the guy who arrived, fully loaded, on a trailer.

It was a fairly tame Friday night with nothing untoward happening, and a good supply of music and beer, and only one example of somebody dowsed in water, (or more beer).

I don't remember much about Saturday day-time, but there were games, overseen by Sam, dressed as a parrot, no doubt well-supported, and I'm assuming one or more first-timer was tied to the child's climbing frame to have noxious fluids poured over them, (or worse!)

In the evening, during a break in the disco, there were eating and drinking contests, observed, rather than participated in, by Charlie Cobbe. Some girls were persuaded to remove some of their clothes.

After the brief lull, the disco carried on for the rest of the evening. People drank, danced, sang, and whatever else took their fancy.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley