Spittin Pig Rally

Start of quotation I was looking at your site and saw all the rally badges. There was one in particular I noticed the Spittin Pig rally badge run by Nameless MCC Barrow.

Now a hopeful Question: Would this badge be for sale? My old mate was a rally virgin at this one and lost his badge shortly after the weekend. I've been looking everywhere and on bike club sites for years trying to locate this very badge.

If it is for sale or you happen to know who has one for sale I have cash to give for it. End of quotation

- Pete Dixon

I have a Spittin Pig badge but I have no idea if it was Nameless MCC rally. The venue just outside Barrow in Furnace.

I remember it was b noisy. Due to work commitments I did not get there until Saturday afternoon. This left me camped right by the marquee. The bands stopped at 2am. But five minutes later the disco started up again. By 4.30am I had still not slept. Stuck my head out of the tent & the chap next door was banging his head on the ground. I got up, packed the tent & rode home.

I found out later that the disco went on until about 8am.

My badge is not for sale.

- Dave Cooper

If Dave's not selling his, maybe you have one in the back of a drawer that you will reluctantly part with for Pete's cash. Get in touch and I'll put you in contact.