Solent Rally

1st September 1989 - Solent MCC

I'm not sure if this was the Solent MCC's first use of the Napoleonic Fort as a rally site, as I had missed the 1988 one, (1987 was still in the woods near Fareham), but if it was their first time, it was very fitting for any club's 20th rally. (Perhaps unsurprisingly secure as well.)

The badge was about twice the size as the ones leading up to it, with the traditional shield shape surmounted by a circular outline, reminiscent of a motorcycle wheel. There was also an engraved pewter dish, looking a bit like an ashtray, but possessing a hook on the back for hanging it on a wall.

The camping area had only a thin layer of soil on the top of extensive underground constructions, so putting tent pegs in was a bit troublesome. One guy put his helmet back on and head-butted his into the ground. The food vans were out with the tents and the entertainment was inside the buildings and at first seemed a little 'cosy', although it turned out to be split into three rooms containing bar, disco and chill-out space. This helped considerably and a good night was had on the Friday.

On Saturday, those who hadn't been here before took advantage of the guided tour, which took us through tunnels, across - empty - moats, and briefly through the buildings before returning to the camping area, where the games were held.

There was an obstacle course that was, of course, used for one race. There were also pulling and throwing contests of various kinds. The food van also did a good trade before the party started up again.

Much music and beer was consumed, and there were a few new - faces - on display at one point and a few recognisable ones that I had never seen go as far before, followed by more music and beer, with the occasional burger. Having the separate rooms like this was definitely a good idea.

Sunday was another fine day, leading to a pleasant ride home, even though the A3 was strangely difficult to get onto, even though were weren't that far from it.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley