Solent Rally

2nd September 1983 - Solent MCC

Being the tail end of summer, the weather was mild and dry in the Portsmouth area, but there was a bit of a breeze on the Friday, meaning assistance putting up the loo tents was appreciated. I think the weather elsewhere in the country was a bit harsher, waterproofs were seen.

One Welsh girl stated proudly that she was the last motorcyclist let over the Severn Bridge, before the wind made it unsafe. (She later claimed she was also the first one let back again on Sunday - no proof was ever provided to back up either of these claims.)

There was a very slight drizzle on the Saturday morning, when some of us decided to go window-shopping in nearby Fareham. After a while of wandering about and pub visiting, back at the site the games were held. There is never a huge amount of room in the woods for games involving throwing stuff, but the tug-of-war is always well supported.

Also well supported are the competitions involving removal of pieces of clothing, which occur at some convenient point in the evening. The rest of the night is quite happily filled with music, beer and a little food.

After closedown, there is usually a bonfire or two to sit around, with occasional sing-songs. Although not actively encouraged, separate club fires are allowed, providing they are not likely to burn down a tree or two, and wood is always plentiful.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley