Snow Eagle

The Snow Eagle was held at the Unicorn Inn, Hampton Loade near Bridgnorth.

The main thing to remember about going to this site is that you must take the road to the west of the River Severn otherwise you end up in the village of Hampton. This is on the east bank, within sight of the Unicorn but several miles away by road. Someone always does it and if they are really unlucky they get spotted too!


- Ted

There was a ferry but only for foot passengers. The Severn Valley railway track runs between the rally site and the river.

I was there with the Potteries Phoenix club and for some reason Saturday night we decided we wanted to go to the pub on the other side of the river. The ferry doesn't run at night but someone had discovered a bridge with a pipeline crossing the river a bit upstream. We were in luck - because the lock on the gate appeared to be broken (Nothing to do with us - honest Officer!).

On the way back after several pints we noticed there were CCTV cameras on it so we gave them a wave and a smile on the way over. I am not saying what was smiling or being waved but I hope they destroyed the tapes!

- Ted Trett