Skean Dhu Rally

It was held in April by the South West Scotland MCC

and was a traditional rally with Beer/Food tent and an Entertainent Tent with local bands.

The field was liable to getting very wet and there was quite a slope to get out of the field which was always entertaining.

- Danny McKean

Start of quotation Being held in Dumfries in Scotland meant an early start for us as we all took the Friday off work to ride up there.

It took us over ten hours to get to the site at ten at night. Quickley putting up the tents the next stop was the beer tent to consume as much as we could before they closed.

There were a few of us went to this rally Alan Wilson, Krazey Keith, Cal, Trotsky, Woodsey and Woolfey.

The next day it was still raining which was a pity because we wanted to explore the countryside. So straight into the beer tent. The beer was only in cans and was weak so a few scotches started to flow as well. I even managed to score with a girl from Carlisle later in the evening!

The next day the rain was still coming down for the long ride home. End of quotation

- Dave Ranger

Start of quotation This rally always held on the first week of March.

The 1982 Rally now available on YouTube.

My good mate Danny McKean is in the film. End of quotation

- Jim Jack

Start of quotation The video on the Skean Dhu rally brought back memories of the year I went in 1983. It was the same conditions getting in and out of the field. But a good time, if I can recall that long ago.

I still have a photo of me when I had hair! End of quotation

- Phil Nicholls

Start of quotation Set off on Friday night after work and went to the Camchain rally in Cheshire. Signed in, had a burger, then headed north to the Skean Dhu, getting there around midnight.

Spent Saturday exploring the local area, then into the beer tent.

Reckon it was 1980 as I had my 400/4. End of quotation

- Gary Emerson

Could you recognize a 400/4 covered in mud?

Start of quotation Went to the Skean Dhu rally on a 250 Superdream, must've been 1984, from Ayrshire with lads from Strathwest Bike Club. We camped same side as beer tent ... still got some photos somewhere. End of quotation

- Allan Kirkland

Ransack your house for your photos, Allan, scan them and send them to us.

Start of quotation Just watched the film on Youtube of the Skean Dhu from 1982. I was a member of the club that organised it. If you've seen the film I was the one wearing the red white and blue leather jacket who's running round the field on an XL250.

That was one of the drier Skean Dhus believe it or not!

The badges were about an inch in diameter and, as your pic shows, were different colours each year. End of quotation

- David Colville

Start of quotation Just watched the film. I see myself in it and my good mate Willie Kane. Brought back a lot of good times.

Went to a lot of rallies in the 80s and started going back to them. End of quotation

- Keith McKellar

Start of quotation We went 82/83, two us rode up from Durham both on GS550s and, with it being March, it was a fresh ride.

We were camped in the trees. I remember fighting in the mud and walking on the bonfire. Rallies were so much better in those days. End of quotation

- Les Reith