Simmer Dim Rally

Simmer Dim rally is held at around the longest day in June. It's on Shetland, where the sun never completely goes at mid summer, hence the name.

The party starts when you leave Aberdeen on the ferry on the Wednesday night. Rally activities (including LOTS of alcohol) then continues until you get off the ferry Monday morning. All meals and most of the drink is included in the booking fee.

There is lots to see on Shetland and it is also possible to visit the smaller islands. The roads up there are amazingly good nowdays. Something to do with the oil industry perhaps?

You are guaranteed a warm welcome from the locals who all seem to be pro bike. The rally has been going for over 24 years now so most people have gown up with it! There tends to be nearly as many locals at the Saturday night party as rallyists, and boy do they know how to shift the beer!

As the most northerly rally held on the British Isles it is an event every rallyist should aspire to attend.

- Ted Trett

Here is a video of the 1991 Simmer Dim by Phil the Spill. It is about 1½ hours long so pour a beer before you start.