Sifilix Rally

2nd Rally organised by Sickle & Cloak MCC (1987)

Originally printed in Rally Review magazine, 1987 - re-edited for inclusion here.


- Phil the Spill

When I got to the Sifilix Rally, (on the same site as the Resurrected MCC's R-Souls rallies), I found that the Sickle & Cloak had put the marquee up on Thursday night, but it had collapsed, (remember the hurricane that year?), so the marquee suppliers had to be called in to re-erect the beer tent before the serious partying could begin.

The fact that it took so long to get it up, and the proximity of the pubs in the village, all of which let us in, meant that nothing much happened on site on Friday night. One nice thing was that, not only were fires allowed, but also several lorry loads of pallets were provided for burning. These kept everyone warm all weekend. In fact, there were so many pallets that people started building their own shelters and huts out of them, much better than tents eh?

On Saturday afternoon there was a bit of rain, which succeeded only in producing a rainbow that seemed to end in the beer tent. How appropriate!

The usual silly games were well contested, including the increasingly popular musical bikes, and even a push-of-war. The evening's silly games took place while everybody waited for the band to turn up. The eating and drinking contests both involved evil-smelling green substances (I don't know which was lumpiest), a lot of which ended up on organiser Ken's head.

The Miss Sifilix contest was extremely ... erm ... interesting. My camera went into overdrive. All three young ladies took virtually everything off. Kirsty from the Taff Riders MCC won on points!

The band, '90% Proof' did eventually arrive and did a fairly good set well into the morning. I retired to my tent, via the amazingly good value food tent at about 2am.

This would have definitely been one for the next years calendar but, due to trouble from local 'outlaw' clubs this was, in fact, the last Sifilix rally.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley