Sheepshaggers Rally

13th September 1991 - WXM Taverners MCC

This rally had a name very similar to the Sheep Naggers Rally, which I always (incorrectly) assumed was the more polite version of the same concept. It was held near Wrexham, almost in Wales, where the town's name is spelt Wrecsam, at what appeared to be a racing circuit, with a pile of old tyres alongside the track.

When we arrived, we found that the bar licence had been refused, so the marquee stood silent all weekend. It turned out that the main person objecting to the licence was the owner of a night club down the road who, as luck would have it, had no bookings for that weekend, so the organisers had to use that establishment for the beer & music, (what a co-incidence!)

It appeared that Friday was intended to be a fancy-dress affair, or at least I hope it was, or there are some very strange bikers in that area. So, we spent Friday night in the Night Club, where I found a group I vaguely remembered from somewhere and sat with them for the night.

After a trip to the nearby town for some supplies, some games were held in the arena. There was quite a variety of games, including Tyre Drag Racing, Tug-of-War, Sheep Racing, (With specially supplied wellies for tucking the sheep's legs in), Sheep-pillow fights and Caber Tossing. A few other bits of messing about occurred on the track as well.

In the evening, as it was indoors, the T-shirt/Y-fronts contests were held with a minimum of water, and I only have evidence of one girl taking hers off.

The Disco and bands were very good, on both nights, but it lacked a certain atmosphere that you only get in a marquee.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley