Sheep Naggers Rally

23rd November 1984
Shatterford MCC

Once again held at, or under, the 'Nautical William' pub not far from Shatterford near the Shropshire/Worcestershire border.

It didn't take long for the small basement room to get full of people on the Friday night. This is one rally where a lower limit is far better than a large one, as space is severely limited if people want to dance in any small way.

After our evening exertions, we stood around a bonfire to dry out before returning to our tents. Luckily, it was not icy, as last year had been.

The room is not used during the day, as a marquee might, it was just for the evening. Any daytime indoor activities made use of the pub, however limited that may have been. The games passed without a problem, (or any photos) and evening appeared once more, so we went back underground.

Nothing much happened other than drinking and limited dancing, apart from a birthday boy being given the bumps on the stone floor.

We were still in party mood around the bonfire, where a condom-inflating-on-the-head game took place.

No smoke without sausages

On Sunday morning somebody was cooking breakfast in his tent with a touch higher flame than I would have thought safe, especially considering that a whole corner of the tent was not pegged out properly due to a manhole cover in the middle of the field! Nothing untoward happened, though. Also no untoward happenings on the dry but dull way home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley