Sheep Naggers Rally


Report on Sheep Naggers Rally held at Marshbrook, Salop (that's Shropshire to you) organised by Shatterford MCC

It was agreed that Phil Hogg was going to be gotten legless.


We attended this rally in force, nearly all of the regulars there; Phil & Christine Hogg, Alan & Sylvia Giddens, Steve Giddens, Dave & Angela Wood, Alan (the Banker) Barclay, John Jocys, Tony Cormack, Sid & Christine Beaumont, Mike Shepherd, John Davenport, Alan Dunnicliff, Ronnie Burgess, Brian Burgess (no relation) and loads of others. The main group from up north, came down the A49 Whitchurch - Shrewsbury - Church Stretton- then the last 3 miles to Marshbrook, right turn over the level crossing, past the pub [can't remember it's name] 50 yards field on the right. A smaller group with myself came thru Bridgnorth - Much Wenlock along Wenlock Edge and down to join the A49 at Church Stretton, passing Little Stretton before we reached the rally site. At Little Stretton there is a small camping site and nearby pub that I can recommend if any one passes that way.

How it happened or who suggested it I don't know but it was agreed that Phil Hogg was going to be gotten legless. We were going to lace his drinks. We were, as normal, leaning on the pub door from about half past five, having had the few at dinner time and cooked ourselves a meal after a small nap. The landlord eventually opened the door and let us in. There was a long table with a bench against the wall which we took possession of, guiding the hapless innocent victim and his recent wife to seats hemmed in from both sides. The plan being "Don't bother struggling to get out, one of us will get your drinks for you," at which a vodka was tipped into Phil's pint of bitter. Then for some unknown reason Christine's drink was being spiked as well. Oh well, you can imagine the results. They had to be escorted back to their tent at the end of the evening.

Sunday morning we all gathered around and went to see Phil and Chris and they were both in a bad way. Phil had been sick and Christine was not far off and we were called all the names you can imagine, in a very fragile manner.

- Les Hobbs

Start of quotation Ah yes, the Wayside Inn! Happy days.

Alan Giddens and I had decided to do this rally at very short notice. We were both a bit strapped for cash so we agreed on an economic weekend - not hammering the bikes ... nor the beer. You know what they say about the best laid plans.

I met Alan at the Windmill (a Robinsons pub) by the Knutsford turn-off on the M6 on the Saturday lunchtime. We were most concerned that we shouldn't get dehydrated on the ride down the A49. Robinson's is VERY drinkable. Nuff said.

We spent far too long at the pub, putting the world to rights and so on. Eventually the barman / landlord appeared and was a bit miffed to find us still drinking long after closing time.

Alan was on his first Gold Wing, I was on and old and battered CB750K1. It took us 58 minutes to ride from the pub to Shrewsbury. We passed a Mancunian on a Guzzi (I can't remember his name, but it wasn't Snot Green. I think he lived in Stretford). The Guzzi rider just couldn't stay with us. We were on a mission!

The rally was very enjoyable. The pub was also used as the site for another ... but that's another story! End of quotation

- John J

Start of quotation As a founder member of the Shatterford MCC I was wondering if any of the origanl guys are still around?

Back in them days we first set up the idea in the Valecia Arms in Arley and then opened the club to members at the Park Attwood hotel but we had to move because of Not In My Back Yard problems.

So off we went to the Nautical William on the Bridgenorth Road. That is when I had to leave the club.

I now live in Lanzarote but will be coming to the UK at the end of September (2014) Please feel welcome to email me. End of quotation

- Rob Mydlak


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