The Scorpio Rally was organised by the Denholme & District MCC. This was going to be our winter rally but was only held for 2 years, our other rally was the Pennine Rally.


- Ted

The first Scorpio rally was held at Silsden, near Keighley on the 5th-7th December 1975. I could only have a quick visit to this one because that weekend I went to Ostend for the Sinterklaas Treffen (St Nick's).

The second rally was held at Addingham Moorside, near Ilkley. This year it was held the weekend after the St Nick's so I managed to camp there. The directions in my diary say Reynard Inn, Cocking Lane, Addingham Moorside but I don't actually remember anything at all about the field or the pub.

All that I do remember is that I had a problem with club loyalties that weekend as the DDMCC was my original club but the club I am still in now, the Dean Valley MCC, had a good turnout of members and the Potteries Phoenix, my other club at that time, were also there in force so who do you book in as? One or all?

I never got a year bar for the 1976 rally, its the same as the ones on the DDMCC club badges and they ran out so I keep looking on Ebay but no luck yet!

- Ted Trett