Rum Runners Rally

7th April 1989 - Wessex Roadriders MCC

My club didn't make it this year, so I was riding solo. There was a change of site this year. Instead of the campsite near the coast, it was a proper farmer's field further inland, with a barn in a far corner, (unfortunately full of straw). I think we were assured we weren't far from the Thomas Hardy Monument, but I never went to see it, so I couldn't confirm that.

We were also assured that the nearby village was easily accessible across a field at the far side of the one the camping was in. This was obviously some strange new usage of the word 'easily' that I hadn't previously encountered, as it took us ages to get there, over several walls and a couple of gated lanes. I'm not sure, but we may have walked along the road to get back. When we did get back, I discovered that some friends of mine from the Sovereigns MCC from Woking, had turned up, so I had a few people I could hang around with.

On Saturday, the only daytime thing I have evidence of, is that the games were well contested. I'm sure I didn't go on a run, if there was one.

Also, there was a nice sunset before the evening jollities started. There was almost certainly music and beer, with food on the side.

During a break in the music, there was a drinking contest, which consisted of a green pint of indeterminate origin, some rally virgins were molested, the band is not one I have heard of before, and only one girl entered the no T-shirt contest.

There was a stand-off at the gate later on, when some uninvited heavies wanted to get in, but they were convinced to go elsewhere.

I have a vague feeling that the ride home on Sunday was bright, but brisk.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley