Rum Runners Rally

4th April 1986 - Wessex Roadriders MCC

Following the heavy wind and weather that filled their first rally, the WRMCC had a change of site to a caravan park somewhat further inland, in a farm, just outside Chickerell, in Dorset. They also had a full-sized marquee instead of the army-surplus affair of last time. I'm not sure we would have fared better if the weather had been as bad, but this year it was a lot better.

I recall the entrance was on the crest of a Blind Summit, which made leaving a bit tricky. The only caravan on site, I assume, belonged to the warden, but they didn't appear to be on-site, as I don't remember seeing any non-rally types about. The part usually used by the 'vans was sloped with a stepped appearance, with the pitches for the 'vans running across. We were camped in the field at the bottom of the slope, which suited us fine, and the Friday evening passed in the usual drunken haze.

Not a great deal happened during Saturday. I may have gone with some friends into Weymouth, but can't be certain. I am aware that I didn't photograph any silly games, but I'm sure they did occur.

I am also sure that the marquee was packed for the evening and several women removed certain items of clothing in the middle of the marquee, without the safety gap a stage usually affords, as there wasn't one.

The band performed on a wooden platform at ground level, but the wet t-shirt was held at a distance, as the band were concerned about water damage to their equipment. There was a fair bit of rolling around on the straw/sawdust, but this was totally unconnected to the women, clothed or otherwise.

Sunday's weather was completely average, leading to an uneventful ride home, once you had negotiated the entrance.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley