Rum Runners Rally

29th March 1985 - Wessex Roadriders MCC

It was a very windy Friday, so the first arrivals pitched their tents close to the wall of the site, even the Vango owners! Once we had crossed that particular hurdle, we went to the marquee, which was an army-surplus type affair, large and dry, but a bit dark, even in the day time.

I have no bad memories of Friday night and my photos concur that those present had a good time.

On Saturday, the wind gave way to rain. Several people were found to have camped in the wrong part of the site to escape the wind and had to move their tents into the proper field.

More and more people turned up and managed to find gaps in the field, but those going on run outs were mostly put off by the weather. For the same reason, I think most of the games were abandoned, especially as there wasn't enough room in the marquee for them. The day wore on. The beer went down, as did the rain. The floor of the marquee got rather muddy as a result of the rain, so more and more people ended up wearing it, especially those who were seen rolling around in it.

Of course, the weather improved dramatically after everyone had packed up on Sunday and it was a quite nice trip home, once you had managed to get out of the muddy field.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley