R-Souls Rally

27th August 1982 - Resurrected MCC

Before you ask - the R stands for Resurrected, the organising club's name.

I liked bank holiday weekend rallies for the obvious reason of the extra day. I have only attended a couple of such rallies where we were supposed to go home on the Sunday. As happens with three day rallies, (in my experience), it took a while for things to get started on the Friday and people are more likely to nip to any local pub that will let us in. Luckily for us, the nearest pub was such a place, and we spent a couple of hours there and still managed to get back to the site before the party had started.

On the Saturday, a ride out to a different pub was on offer, it was a sunny day, so quite a few went on it. On the road outside that pub people started popping wheelies and the newly developing stoppies (well, I hadn't seen them before).

We all made our own way back to the field for the games, some of which were silly and disgusting in different proportions. I also saw what should have become a new craze - tent flying. A pity that it never caught on, really.

In the evening time wore on and clothes fell off. One guy climbed a pole fully clothed, stripped of at the top, then came down naked. (I have seen him do this a few times - he occasionally comes down head first!) All I can say of that is - beware splinters!

Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday, only no ride out or games, we were left to our own devices until the evening. I had already run out of film for the weekend, so I can only guess more fun was had. I also don't remember anything about the ride home, so I assume it was equally uneventful.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley