Rally Review

22nd November 1991 - Rally Review Magazine

Following my first trip to the Ostrich, Longford, Derbyshire, in October, here I was again, just over a month later, for the latest of Les Lumps's Rally Review events. The venue may have changed to here before, but I had missed a few of the RR weekends, so I was unaware of when the change from nearby Tutbury Castle, just over the border in Staffordshire, happened.

For a change, there was no marquee this weekend, and we spent Friday evening in the pub. The only outside tent was for the catering, (Zeb's van no longer supplying Les), manned by various volunteers throughout the event.

Saturday was a bit dull, so we were in the pub most of the day. I don't recall there being any games, but I find it hard to believe that Lez Lumps would have a rally without a Dizzy Sticks game at least. The afternoon turned into evening, and we were allowed into the function room, (the only time I went in it in all the rallies I attended there). Normal drinking and low-level music was the order of the night, and as soon as NORMAL, (no extension), closing time happened, we were thrown out!

All external lights were switched off as well. The bonfire was proving a bit difficult to start as it had got a bit damp, and by the time it was putting out some heat, many of us had gone to bed.

Sunday was as overcast as the rest of the weekend, but there were no problems on the homeward trip.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley