Rally Review

30th May 1986 - Rally Review Magazine

After riding a fair few hundred miles in the rain, at a site where the entrance was somewhat underwater, I was re-directed to a rather basic campsite, in a farm's back garden on the edge of Trawsfynydd. This was in Wales, which explained the rain, hence the relocation of the accommodation, but you would have though they were used to it there.

There was just enough room for the tents, in amongst the chickens, but since this was a Lez Lumps weekend, it was never going to be massive. I was told Lez was charged a helluva lot by the owner.

The entertainment hub was a pub in town, so that's where everybody headed at the appointed hour. Being in a pub's back room, there wasn't much scope for the usual outrageous going-on that usually ensued at a rally and Lez's Friday games were cancelled, of course. When we reached chucking out time, we managed to eventually find the tents again, and I noticed that, contrary to popular belief, the local Nuclear Power Station did not, in fact, glow in the dark. Nor did the sheep.

On Saturday the rain had stopped, but it was still a bit damp. There wasn't enough room on the site for silly games, so a run-out was organised to nearby Portmeirion. Does anybody not know about this place? Basically, look up 1967 TV series The Prisoner, NOT the recent 'merican remake. This is where the externals were shot (with a few exceptions). It was also used for a 1976 Doctor Who story and a few other programmes that wanted a Mediterranean appearing place without having to go that far.

After larking about there for most of the day, we made our way back to the fall-out zone via whatever eateries/drinkeries took our individual fancies.

Soon after our return the pub was open, so we all crammed into that for another somewhat cramped night of restrained drunken-ness.

The Actor Johnny Emms turned up, (seen in the background of many shows, including Eastenders, Casualty and many others), so I can only assume there was a fair bit of singing throughout the evening.

Even though it was an entirely indoor night, (or maybe because), several people needed assistance to get back to the tents afterwards.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley