Review Rally

Review Rally was one of a series of rallies run in the early 80s by Lez Lumps (Lez Devine) who also published Rally Review Magazine.

The rallies were run at many different sites. I attended some in Wales, one near Dorchester & another at the Ostrich pub somewhere off the Lichfield-Ashbourne road. (This pub was also used for other rallies.)

The RR rallies often had patches instead of badges.

I spoke to Lez in March 2008. He still has a bike but not been riding due to a dodgy knee. He has just had a knee operation & hopes to be riding again soon.

- Dave Cooper

I used to go to quite a few Rallies and was a friend of Lez.

I've still got my old rally jacket with the many badges from all the weekends away.

My first rally was at the Moonrakers' Ye Gert Bustard Rally. Brill weekend. In fact all the rallies I attended were brill.

I used to sell Rally Review for Lez when I went to different rallies to him.

I also remember Zeb, Vic, (who had a catering van) Armpit.

Just a couple of photos of a Rally Review Spring Romp. The location was Tutbury Castle.

As you see we had a medieval theme with a pig roast. I think the chap walking towards the ruin on the hill is Phil The Spill. The man with the striped top and red hat is Tiny Tim from the Moonrakers MCC.

The wobbly bike was a bugger to ride, both ends turned.

I'm the one with my arms wide apart (had hair then).

- Phil Nicholls

Start of quotation We both remember Lez, Greasy Vic, Zeb, Roger, Barney and Serena, Johnny Emms (was in Eastenders in the early days), Hippo, Adolf (not the German one) and many more.

Tutbury Castle was a good bash, couple of village pubs, chinese take away, chip shop, beer tent on site, wet T‑shirt and tits out, rally virgin and a bloody good time.

A few does in Wales (seemed to always rain) around the Brecon area and in the Black country. End of quotation

- Garry and Lucy
Isle of Wight
(still rallying)

Start of quotation Here's a voice from the past!!

Old Lumpsie is still around, but not rallying anymore at the moment.

Of all the rallies I organised at various sites I personally think my favourite was the first "ghost hunt" at Tutbury where we gave everyone a candle to help them hunt for the "ghost" I will always remember the sight of all those candles flickering everywhere in the castle.

Another good memory is the time we took 250 ralliests to the Jets Rally in Belgium. I had gone the previous year with Tank and Stevie G and we were the only Brits on the site.

"See if you can bring a few more next year" they asked me - so I did, 250 of them.

When we all met up at Junc 39 on the E4 everyone got out their club flags and banners and then we all set off. When we saw the site we all sounded our horns and the noise was deafening. The Jets couldn't believe it.

I have many great memories of the Jets, they were a great bunch of guys and were the first Belgians that I had ever met.

I had a really bad crash a few years ago which messed up my left leg and ankle and it needed a long operation and a bone graft to get it back something like it should be.

I have got an FJ1200 at the moment which I have been riding as much as possible but because of my ankle I find it is a bit heavy for me so I am considering swapping it for something a tad lighter.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and if there is anyway I can help with your rally page please let me know.

Keep yer Knees in the breeze. End of quotation

- Lez Lumps

Of course you can help Lez. Dig out your memories!


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