Prowlers Party

5th October 1990 - Prowlers BC

So, there we were overlooking my favourite bit of the M25, which is my favourite UK Motorway. A couple of the organisers were obviously off-duty, as they were having a game of conkers!

As night drew in, groups of campers were building fires, from the, as usual, huge pile of old pallets.

In the marquee, one of the bands' guitarists was testing out his radio-link, by wandering about the tent, unencumbered by the mad throng which would be there tomorrow. After an enjoyable evening. there is always time to stand around a bonfire or two on your way back to your tent.

On the Saturday the sloping field was generating embarrassment for some riders trying to drive across it, almost as much as those participating in the 'musical bikes' game. The muddy surface, however, was making the unofficial game of pallet riding a lot easier.

A few hours later on, in the marquee, the eating and drinking games were held before the band, (as usual, Ivor's Jivers). The eating consisted of the usual pile of totally unappetising foodstuffs, while the drinking consisted of an apparently normal pint of something-or-other drunk through several feet of plastic tubing.

After this, there was a bit of mucking around with the straw while the band got going, and they played for a bit.

There were half-a-dozen girls up for the Miss Rally, including a former girlfriend and my future landlady, (but I didn't know that then). It didn't take too long for Alison to get down to her underwear, and then that went down too!

The band took over for the second part of their set, after which the bar stayed open for another couple of hours, leading to a bit of pole-climbing and over-indulgence.

Packing up on the Sunday, which was unseasonably warm and dry, I noticed some regular visitors to the rally, a guy and his small son with their German three-wheeler, (possibly a Heinkel?), and trailer. I haven't seen one of those for several years now. They must all be in museums or scrap heaps.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley