Poser Rally

26th June 1987

Due to the early and slightly nearer-than-usual start from the Lake District, I arrived fairly early at this rally and there were only a few tents already there. As time went on, more people arrived and it appeared to be the natural thing to ride down the twisty road to the local pub until such time as things were deemed to have started back in the marquee.

Not everybody left the pub at once, but there seemed to be a steady flow back to the site. It appears that one chap over-indulged at the pub and managed to crash his bike on the way back. He ended up in hospital and he presumably picked up a ban. There was a rumour that somebody had arranged a collection to enable his girlfriend and gear to get home, but there was a minority feeling that it was self-inflicted and should not be rewarded. This aside, the evening passed well and everybody else enjoyed themselves.

On the Saturday, I did not feel the need to traverse the treacherous road to the pub, so I stayed in the field. I, and the rallyists who also stayed, were treated to a fly-past of the Red Arrows, (or, at least, some of them), presumably on their way somewhere. A couple of us were also treated to the view of a young woman, who was displaying her charms to her partner and his friends, (presumably at his insistence).

In the afternoon, sufficient people were about to contest a few games, and there was a traditional rebuild-the-bike-in-the-middle-of-the-field going on as well. Being the middle of summer, it took a while for the evening to draw in, but draw in it did and the party was soon in full swing. There was a disgusting drinking game, which I have seen in a few places, whereby you are given a pint of beer, take off your sock and put the glass in it, and then swap it with the person next to you before drinking what you now have in front of you. I dare say Health & Safety would have something to say about this these days.

As I had taken over 200 photos since leaving home two weeks ago, I had run out of films, so there isn't much of a photographic record from then on but, from what I can recall, the rest of the night went off nicely, with much merriment, beer and music, (with a few points of interest), but I can't remember what time it finished.

I was treated to an uneventful ride home and, as I had been away for a while, I was glad to get back on the Sunday for a rest!

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley