Polder Treffen

Motor Sport Club U.F.O.
Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Although this was a Belgian rally it felt more like a Dutch event. There certainly were many regular Dutch ralliests there, along with many Brits. Held just to the east of the town in a recently built south facing bar/restaurant on a long straight road that followed the drainage ditch. Camping to the rear.

The first year that I went two Belgian riders had two brand new Honda CBX's that they were thrashing the nuts off, pulling wheelies and other stunts. They must have worn the rear tires down to the canvas. There was quite a crowd watching them but it all ended when the local police showed up.

Many of the southern lads were there. A lot from the Dover 69 Club, some from the Mayflower Club, Roger Halfyard, Kelvin Clouting, Brighton Bob (as normal in knickers and suspenders). It was for many less than a 100 mile round trip.

The 1980 event saw Alan Giddens attending. He had recently started to work with me in Germany and I'm not too sure of what took place but there was some problem with Alan and a Dutch biker. Alan was running around trying to get a few of the lads to back him up. "We are team handed, there are loads of us here." I went across to see what was going on. This Dutchman was not at all happy. Two or three of his mates were trying to calm him down. I caught the eye of one of them from about 25feet and pointed straight at him, then to myself, and then to the bar on the left. We both made it to the bar where I ordered a couple of beers and had a few sensible words with this lad, and then got him to bring his irate mate over to me. I bought him a beer and managed to get him to cool it. I left them at the bar and went for a quick chat with Alan who was still trying to raise a small army, telling him to cool it and come and sort it out with the Dutch biker. As I pointed out to Alan we could win tonight as we were in great numbers, but what would happen next weekend or in a months time at another rally when there was just the two of us? It finished up we all bought each other drinks and the problems were forgotten.

Lo and behold, months later at the Hondsrug Treffen the two of us were sat in a beer tent when six or seven Dutchmen came in. "AHH!! YOU CRAZY ENGLISHMEN!!" they came over and joined us and we had a great night.

- Les Hobbs