Piston Broke Rally

21st May 1982 - Wheelwrights MCC.

This was my second Piston Broke, and it was in a different village, Tilston, much smaller than last year's town, Tarporley. This time we were in a field, rather than a pub garden, so there was a lot more room for us and especially the games.


- Phil the Spill

Without a marquee, the evening festivities were in the nearest pub, but that was about half a mile down the road. The walk back to the field from the pub was quite enjoyable, though.

Saturday followed pretty much the same course, with the games held up in the field, and treks to and from the pub at opening and closing times.

Despite the separated nature of the rally, I only have good memories of it.

I heard that this was the site of the organiser's 'Dark, Wet, Cold, Dull and Gloomy' winter rally, the previous of which I had a ticket for (December 81), but failed to attend as I couldn't dig my bike out of the snow around my house. Apparently it was cold enough to freeze many bikes' batteries solid!

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley