33rd Pilgrims Rally, August 2008 - Mayflower MCC

This year only two motorcyclists travelled together. On Friday, August 1st, Walter Trappe (BMW F650GS) and Hans Mondorf (BMW K100RS) headed towards England.

Everything went as in previous years. Our usual route via Belgium and France to Calais for the ferry.

In Purleigh, on the arriving at New Hall Vineyards, the fun part of the trip began. After registering at the reception, we first set up our tent. Then went with a cold beer into the fun with the Mayflowers.

On Saturday morning, after a delicious English breakfast at the Scouts, we left for London. Here we visited the Ace Cafe. During an extended break with cake and tea, there was all sorts of things to see. That day there was an exhibition of ex-police cars. From old Minors to fast Jaguar emergency vehicles that could keep up with the fast bikes of the rockers. A constant coming and going of great motorcycles could be admired.

Back in Purleigh we spent the Saturday night in the event barn. First the scouts fortified us, then there were delicious beers and later live music.

On Sunday morning the usual procedure; after the raffle, awards ceremony and farewell to the Mayflowers, we traveled via our usual route towards Hawthorn Farm Campsite & Holiday Park. Before we set up our tent there, we made a small detour to the nearby St. Margate's Beach. A last dinner and a few pints at the pub near the campsite.

Monday morning to the ferry and during the crossing (you will hardly believe) the last delicious English breakfast.

The outward journey and the return journey went without any technical problems.

- Hans Mondorf