Pennines Tail Rally

Organised by Churnet Valley MCC, and the one I did was at Grangemill Derbyshire.

This Venue was the home for quite a lot of rallies in the late seventies early eighties, and was well set up to cope with the needs of your average rallyist, if one exists!

The camping was in a field opposite the pub, and proper toilets/wash facilities were available in the pub out buildings.

In winter or for small rallies you were allowed in the pub, but for larger rallies you were expected to use their hall/barn where there was room for disco's or bands to set up.

They were not biased against bikers though, because on one occasion when I called in there with Sid Beaumont, and Ron Burgess, when we explained to the landlord that we were actually stopping at a rally about 15 miles away (at Ipstones), and not at the rally they were hosting, he allowed us to eat our meal in the pub, unlike the rest of the bikers there! Privileged or what!

- Ted Trett