Pennine Rally

The 1975 Pennine Rally was my first rally. It must have been early in December and was the idea of a fellow army mate of mine called Jim.

We rode out from Ripon on the Friday tea time and arrived at the rally site (A big open field) in the dark to be greeted at the entrance by a big guy next to a Z1. He was wearing a rally jacket with badges going way back when, including the Elephant Rally. Not certain how I remembered that in the dark.

Putting the tent up with assistance of motorcycle headlamps was an experience, as was the idea of giving up a warm bed for a freezing tent and sleeping bag.

Anyway, I'll never forget the night at the pub up the road and every other juke box record being 'Funky Moped'.

Between then and 1980ish I went on many rallies and enjoyed the experience.

Maybe in the next year or so I'll pack up the old Norton and relive the experience?

- Neil Wyatt

Start of quotation Me (Phil Jarvis) and Phil Roberts (Gonzo) were at the Pennine Rally possibly 1975. He vanished somewere on site in a tent with some bird. Finally found him. A few of us picked him up and dispatched him into the freezing canal. What a laugh. He went home soaked. Me I slept in the field outside.

Great times never forgotten, good old DDMCC. End of quotation

- Phil Jarvis

Start of quotation I was one of them that deposited Phil Roberts in the canal with Phil Jarvis. Think another was Titch from Barlick.

Those were the days, great mates.

Best to all my old pals, not seen for years. End of quotation

John Smith - Big John