Peak Rally

The "Peak" - ahh - that was a rally!

Cold, wet November runs up to Buxton, through Chapel-en-le Frith (home of Ferodo brake linings), then up over the icy shoulder of Mam Tor to Cooper's Farm in Edale. Cold weather made a warm rally, and a good pub meant that the songs carried on well into the night.

Run by the Sheffield & District MCC.

Oops. The following correction was sent by Barbara Lucas.

Start of quotation It's a long time ago - going on 30 years, but the squarish Peak Rally badge was designed by me and another club member called Kathy. The club being the Stockport and District Motorcycle Club based in Woodley Civic Hall, Stockport - not Sheffield. But I've not been a member for ages, turned to sidecars and have been with the Mancunian Sidecar Club for yonks. End of quotation

- Barbara Lucas

Thanks but don't leave it there Barbara. Tell us more, much more.